Group Procurement

Group Procurement

The UBE Procurement Group leverages the volume of the many plants to reduce costs for all plants in the Group.

UBE orchestrates periodic activities with other member plants and vendors covering a variety of timely production issues and topics.

Other member plants DO NOT have Access to Proprietary Information & Process Data. This provides confidentiality for all of the plants and their respective operational processes.

Production Enzymes

Enzyme procurement allows plants to leverage their purchasing power within a much larger group and is exclusive to enzymes. This fee is based on the production volume of your plant.

Each Plant has an exclusive agreement directly with Novozymes. Part of this agreement verifies that you are a member in good standing of the UBE Procurement Group.

Production Supplies

UBE has an agreement with Univar for other production chemicals. These includes caustic, sulfuric acid, urea, and others.

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